Getting Started

Getting off to a good start with music lessons is important to success.  The following are tips for parents in helping your children be ready and get the most from their music lessons:

 1.  Be on time

2.  Have your piano tuned and ready for use, including bench of proper height

3.  Have any previous lesson materials or any new materials recommended for getting started, including

    a notebook for the teacher to write down the practice lesson plan for the week.

4.  Schedule daily practice time for success when your child can be most focused

5.  Plan for practice times to occur in a quite, comfortable, well lighted room and location

6.  Voice students will find it helpful to have a recording device to use in voice lessons to record 

    exercises and song material and to be able to use as a resources to listen to recordings.

7.  Parents, be prepared to monitor and give guidance to young students not yet independent to 

    monitor themselves without parent involvement. (non-reading students)

8.  Provide encouragement and praise for effort

9.  Stick with it!  Music lessons take time and is a discipline.  Results and progress is seen over time

     with consistency.  You get out of it what you put into it.  Children need encouragement to stick with 

     things in order to see the benefit.

10.  Finally, communicate with the teacher and have fun!


Happy Music Lessons!