Vocal Health Tips

Singers have to take care of their voice for singing and speaking.  The following tips work and have been tested and used by many over time.  Being a good singer is like being a good athlete and requires a healthy body and knowledge of how to take care of the things which pertain to the voice.  Voice is extended speech, having a healthy voice for public speaking or classroom teacher's is essential for your comfort and your job.   Donna is an expert in vocal health.  If you are in need of lessons or coaching to improve or heal your vocal health, give her a call.  Many common problems can be resolved through learning good technique for speech or singing.

 Common Remedies for Common Illnesses

 throat discomfort, tickle or soreness:  gargle with warm salt water as often as possible 

 lubricate the throat for speaking and singing: halls honey lemon drops

 drink plenty of water daily all day to avoid dryness and promote elasticity

 cough:  cough suppressant, teaspoon of honey first thing in the morning before anything else

 sooth and comfort sick throat or voice:  honey-lemon tea with real lemon

 emergency survival:  hot water in thermos, lemon, mentholyptus (clear) halls drops in brew, sip on throughout day

 hoarseness that won't go away:  see  Donna for vocal health analysis, probably technique problem doing damage, may need to see  a throat doctor if long term.

colds: can treat and sing over using the above; treat symptoms with over the counter meds to stop drainage to throat

sore throats: require vocal rest using the above remedies

allergies:  daily sinus flush with saline solution like Simply Saline, allergy medicine as prescribed, treat symptoms using above remedies

 * a combination of many of the remedies above are needed at the same time to heal sick voices, Donna can give specific guidance    in your lesson