August 13, 2016 
I began taking lessons with Mrs. Donna Henry at Master's Music in February of 2016. As an adult, I was unsure that I would be able to find an instructor willing to take me on outside of a college campus, and then, unsure if I would be strapped to a child's lesson plan. How wrong I was!

Each lesson with Mrs. Henry has been a pleasure. I have been challenged and instructed over these six months and more than doubled my skill at the piano. Having been sewlf-taught these past sixteen-odd years, I had picked up several bad habits that hindered my improvement. Mrs. Henry worked with me and adjusted her teaching style to my understanding and skill level so as to overcome these bad habits and create new, good habits. Each hour I've spent with her has been productive and I always left with instruction on how to work on things until next time.

Mrs. Henry has always made herself available to me whenever I have a question or problem, be it acquiring a piano to play or understanding the music. All I have ever needed to do is reach out!

I have learned so much and cannot express how grateful I am to have the joy back in playing the piano!

Thank you for your time and attention,

Samantha Black
Adult Piano Student