Donna Henry has been teaching my now 7 year old daughter for the past 14 months. I am extremely pleased with Donna’s style of teaching and the pace of the lesson that she has tailored for my daughter.  I can clearly see the progress that my daughter has made thus far, both in terms of playing piano as well as understanding music theory. Donna is caring, calm and patient and at the same time, very professional and sets reasonable standards and expectations that have helped my daughter to stay on track. Donna is undoubtedly a dedicated teacher, who constantly encourages my daughter to do her best and provides me with tips to help my daughter practice at home. She has progressively sparked my daughter’s interest in music and of late, piano practice sessions at home no longer feel like a chore!  I truly consider it a privilege and a blessing to have Donna as my daughter’s piano teacher. I would highly recommend Donna to any student who is fortunate enough to work with her.
Annie . J, Rockville, MD