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NATS Voice Teacher, MTNA Piano Teacher
Voice & Piano Lessons, Music Classes in Knoxville Area

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Welcome to Private Voice and Piano Lessons! The available focuses are: Singing, Speech, Vocal Health, Recovery from Vocal Injury, Piano, Piano Accompanying, Feldenkrais Method, and Alexander Technique, General Music-DOK. All ages and levels are welcome.


Discover and explore the joy of music as you develop your skills when you take music lessons and classes with Master's Music owner and master teacher Donna Henry.

Donna Henry

NATS Voice Teacher, MTNA Piano Teacher

No matter your age or skill level, you deserve instruction from a piano and voice teacher that cares about you and your goals.  Master's Music - Donna Henry is your first source for exceptional instruction in Knoxville, TN, or online. Since 1990, Donna is a master teacher and educator with expertise in vocal and piano pedagogy and performance in a variety of music styles for children and adults. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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 to schedule your introductory lesson at 907-978-2465.

Client Reviews:

"What a gift Donna Henry is to the music community of Knoxville! The most highly rated piano and voice teacher in the area and conveniently located in Hardin Valley. Best value in music lessons for all ages! She has a few spots available and teaches through the summer! Reserve a spot for yourself or your children on her schedule while you can!" ~ Jennifer Russel Higgins, Knoxville, TN

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate Donna and all she’s done to help me be a better singer. I would like you to know what a great instructor she is and what a wonderful person I think she is. She touched my life and GOD blessed me when he placed her in my life. The knowledge of music she shared gives me a joy that is brighter sunshine in my soul." ~ Ritchie, Seymour, TN

"We just want you to know how truly appreciative and grateful we are for the work you do and choosing to provide this service for all children and our Maya. She will remember this amazing experience for the rest of her life. So, WE THANK YOU!" ~ Fairbanks

"We think Donna is an outstanding teacher and would wholeheartedly recommend her to others who may be looking for an excellent music teacher." ~ Silver Spring

"I have been singing Indian classical music professionally for 30 years but had been experiencing severe vocal fatigue. Ms Donna has been truly life-changing. She goes straight to the root of the problem and gently corrects and reinforces impeccable technique. I didn't think that I would be able to experience the joy of singing ever again - Ms. Donna completely changed that!" - Ramya, Knoxville

Member of NATS, MTNA, MEA, NEA, IAKT, and More!

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