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Highly Qualified Voice and Piano Teacher, General Music Teacher, Choral Conductor

Donna Henry

Reach your goals with great satisfaction and enjoyment when you choose Master's Music - Donna Henry in Knoxville, TN, or by Skype. A skilled voice teacher, piano teacher, conductor, and general music teacher, Donna brings more than 20 years of experience to your personalized music instruction. Piano and voice lessons are available at two locations, and she is ready to travel for group and church instruction. Donna is a professional member of NATSMTNAMEANEA. Donna's students have performed with light opera theater, auditioned for America's Got Talent, grew up to be music professionals and performers or educators, and have served in local churches as church musicians.

Donna specializes in vocal and piano performance, choral music, theatre arts, general music classes, and church music instruction for students of all ages, including children and adults. Donna has advanced credentials and is a certified teacher in both Maryland and Alaska. She is also DOK certified in general music. In addition to having advanced credentials, she maintains expert knowledge in several instruction areas, including all of the following:

•  Vocal and Piano Performance & Pedagogy
•  Vocal Health
•  Piano Accompanying
Theatre Arts
•  Church Music

Contact Donna to discover how she can help you reach your musical goals. Call for details 907-978-2465