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How To Choose a Music Teacher

How do you start in finding a music teacher that meets your needs?  Whether it be piano lessons or voice lessons it's important to know your needs and find a teacher that can meet them.  The more flexibility you have will make it easier in finding a teacher who can fit you into their schedule.  After all, the most popular music teachers are very busy and have full schedules.  Doing an online search is a good place to start. Here are some tips and guidelines:

1)  Search for a teacher that teaches the instrument you want that is relatively local to your area (i.e., voice teachers near Gaithersburg, Maryland)

2)  Check out the prospective teacher's website for information

3)  Email or call stating what you need and inquire availability

4)  Talk to the teacher with your questions

5)  Make sure the teacher has credentials and experience in teaching what you need. Not all teachers are the same, and not all teachers have a music degree or music teaching credentials.

6)  Ask for an introductory lesson to get acquainted and make sure all your questions and concerns are discussed before committing.

7)  Realize music lessons is an investment both for you, your child, and the music teacher and a good relationship with a good sense or repoire will be beneficial to everyone.

8)  Take the time to interview more than one teacher to compare if you are new at this.

9)  Find a teacher that understands different learning styles and adapts their teaching to the styles and goals of the student for best progress.

10)  When you find a good thing---be committed!